Omnicore-IT Services

Our Trainers all have their own unique background where they have developed their expertise. 
You can have access to that expertise through our unique innovation services.

Services Built on Experience. We became experts by working on dozens of IT projects in all major economic regions of the world. From small agile services to company wide applications and consumer software services we have been able to create and deliver solutions. Our experience has lead us to believe that the most important tool for an IT team is education. We are now focused on using our experience to educated and skill up IT teams and IT companies.

Tailored to help you innovate, and keep up with the speed of IT. Our goal is not to sell a project that we can keep in our company. We work with your team to define the roadmap you need, both technology development and talent development, to meet your goals. We have built a system that allows your team to evolve and maintain skills to be able to deliver what the business need

Custom Training Platform

On the back of our advanced training platform, we can build and deploy your training. Completely tailored for the applications and services found in your organization, you can take advantage of our platform to train your teams. Provide them with the flexible working environment they need to grow and evolve.

Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, DevOps Consulting

Our expertise is in operations and delivering IT services. This space is continually evolving and is easy to get lost in.  One day everybody is talking about Public Cloud and the next, putting workloads in Private Cloud. What is this about? How to implement? Why do people switch between one or the other? What about cost? We can provide answers. We can also provide the following professional services:

Public Cloud / Private Cloud Building Managed Cloud Services
Managed DevOps Services (Kubernetes and everything associated)
Infrastructure Solutions


Innovation in the Operations Room

Targeting project managers, architects and business leadership, we provide innovation workshops that focus on learning about new technologies and also learning about creativity and how to apply it in IT Operations. 

We combine Technical Expertise with business creativity experts to tackle innovation in one of the most difficult environments - IT Operations. When 24/7 uptime is so critical, it can be difficult to make changes and move forward. Our workshop combines discussion about new technology and processes and techniques to be able to encourage change and creativity in the IT space.