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OpenStack Fundamentals

The Ubuntu OpenStack Fundamentals Training programme is an intensive hands-on course that will give students the best introduction to setting up and running Ubuntu OpenStack clouds.

The training course will cover everything you need to know about Ubuntu Server in the cloud and will focus on building an Openstack environment using Ubuntu OpenStack, MAAS, and Juju.

Starting with a single standard installation of Ubuntu Server, you will be lead through the process of creating a complete cloud infrastructure with MAAS and Juju. Students will go through a complete OpenStack installation and configuration, and also learn how to use Ubuntu cloud tools to deploy workloads quickly and efficiently.


                Students should complete the course with a comprehension of the following lessons:

                Section 1: Introduction

                • Understand OpenStack

                • Ubuntu's Approach to OpenStack

                Section 2: Install and Configure MAAS

                • Understand MAAS Features Understand MAAS Configuration
                  Install a MAAS Server

                • Configure a MAAS Cluster

                • Commission Machines with MAAS

                • Work with Tags

                Section 3: Install and Configure Juju 

                • Juju Features and Functionality

                • Charms

                • Juju Configuration Commands

                • Install and Configure Juju

                • Deploy and Configure Services

                • Juju Troubleshooting

                Section 4: OpenStack Cloud Components

                • Understand OpenStack

                • OpenStack Deployment Architecture

                • OpenStack Deployment Sizes

                • General OpenStack Configuration

                • Configure the Global OpenStack Env

                Section 5: Deploy with Juju and MAAS 

                • OpenStack Deployment with Juju

                • Relationships Between Cloud Services

                • Prepare OpenStack for Use

                Section 6: Software-Defined Networks 

                • OpenStack Networking

                • Neutron Configuration Commands

                Section 7: Cloud Images 

                • Glance Features and Functionality

                • Glance Configuration Commands

                Section 8: Configure OpenStack  

                • OpenStack Tenants/Projects

                • Keystone Configuration Commands

                • Key Pairs, Security Groups, Quotas

                • Tenant/Project Networking

                Section 9: Cloud Workload Instances 

                • Nova Features and Functionality

                • Nova Configuration Commands

                Section 10: OpenStack Storage

                • Understand OpenStack Storage

                • Cinder Features and Functionality

                • Cinder Configuration Commands

                • Swift Features and Functionality

                • Swift Configuration Commands

                • Ceph Features and Functionality

                Section 11: Configure Juju for Private Cloud

                • Configure Juju to Work with OpenStack

                3 ways to take the class

                Self Taught

                € 910 .00 

                • 1 year access to training material
                • 1 month access to Lab environment
                • Certificate of Completion
                • Technical Support

                Trainer Support

                €  1300.00

                • All features of Self Taught
                • 5 Hours Live Trainer Support
                • 20 Email Trainer Support
                • Lab Validation Service


                € 19500 .00

                • Up to 15 students on site training
                • 3 Days intensive training
                • Lab environment included
                • 1 year access to material & 1 month to lab