JavaScript Web Developer Masterclass with NodeJS and ES6

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Explore ECMAScript in depth! Includes free eBook & real world examples. JavaScript development from scratch for everyone

What you will learn

  • Learn the fundamentals of coding in JavaScript, including ES6
  • Practice with 13 real-life examples
  • Get introduced to a fast growing JavaScript runtime environment
  • Get a free eBook!

You too can become a web developer by learning the popular programming language JavaScript. Enroll now to join the Mammoth community.

Do you want to code for the web? In this course, you will learn how to code in JavaScript, including ES6. You will learn how to change what is displayed on a webpage using JavaScript. You’ll get a fundamental introduction to a fast growing JavaScript environment.

No prior experience in JavaScript is required. We will explore ES6 in depth and cover many of its new features. You will learn the newest possibilities and fundamental building blocks of JavaScript.

What is ES6?

With ES6 (ECMAScript 6th Edition), you can code for the web. ECMAScript is another name for JavaScript. ES6 has standardized features that JavaScript engines implement. ES6 is well-supported across different web browsers. 

  • Get started with JavaScript basics
  • Compile ES6 into ES5 using Babel
  • Learn about ES6 and its new features
  • Use build tools like Gulp and Webpack
  • Apply ES6 concepts in your projects

What is Node.js? 

Node.js is a runtime environment that allows you to use JavaScript outside of a browser context. For instance, you can use it directly on a computer or server OS. It has support for HTTP and reading from/writing to files. Node.js is lightweight and efficient.

What are the benefits of Node.js?

Node is fast. Its code is written in plain JavaScript that is easy to understand. The Node Package Manager (NPM) is helpful. It is well-supported, popular, and has an active community of developers.

  • Install Node.js v6.11.2 LTS for free
  • Read, write, and compress text files
  • Install packages
  • Create and use modules
  • Read code and modules

You’ll also find a complimentary eBook: Learn JavaScript in 1 Hour by Mammoth Interactive! All source code for projects is also included. Join us while this course is on sale.

This course is great for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn JavaScript
  • JavaScript developers who want to learn ES6
  • People with basic coding skills who want to learn NodeJS
  • Anyone from any background who wants to supercharge their skills by learning to code!

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