Our Programs

We provide both Linux and Openstack study programs that start from the basics and can be augmented through several specialisations. We also provide single courses on specific topics such as High Availability, MAAS, Kubernetes, Software Defined Networks, and Ceph. Our courses can be tailored for very technical operations teams or for project managers..
Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Expert Trainers

All of our Linux and Openstack trainers have experience in the design, development and operations of live production environment. They bring the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure that your people get the most out of their training. In depth hands on labs built from real world situations designed to not only educate, but build experience.

On Site or Online

Our Trainers are available to deliver the trainings either onsite, or online. We provide all the infrastructure needed for the labs and the training material. We are constantly working on course material and new courses for our training platform so check back regularly for updates!

Better Platform, Better Training

Our Advanced training platform integrates a server where you can do all the labs that are included in the training.

You can do it side by side with the material, or you can have a seperate screen to do your work.


Your server is included in the cost of your training. You can choose to continue using the server after the training for your purposes.
The server is private, just for you and only you will be operating that server.


Openstack Fundamentals

Introduction to setting up and operating Ubuntu OpenStack Clouds. 3 days covering MAAS, Juju, and Landscape.

Openstack HA

After learning how to build your OpenStack Cloud, the HA course is the crucial next step. One day covering HA strategies for your applications


Openstack Cloud Operator

Extend your operational capabilities with this calss focused on the technologies and skills for advanced operations.


Ubuntu Server

The basic Ubuntu Server Administration training programme is an intensive three day, hands-on course that will give you the best foundation for setting up and running Ubuntu Server


Ubuntu Server Advanced

The Ubuntu Advanced Server course is an intensive three day hands-on course in which you will learn and use advanced techniques.


An introduction to gain understanding on how to deploy, use, and maintain your applications on Kubernetes.