How to learn Kubernetes

Kubernetes have made developer’s life easy and are a continuously growing platform. It is software that helps the user to manage the application by automating the process. It makes use of containers to control how applications are deployed on servers and how they interact with one another. It also makes sure that the applications are …

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Kubernetes project ideas

In the tech industry, whether you are a tech engineer, mobile application developer, or DevOps, Kubernetes is a technology that is in great demand by developers and companies in tech. It is an open-source platform for managing workloads with automation to make the process easier for developers and less labor is required to manage them. …

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Is Kubernetes hard to learn?

Kubernetes has recently attracted much attention as many programmers and developers have moved toward automating the process of developing cloud-native applications and the way the application is architectured, deployed, composed, and managed. Enterprises and many popular companies are using Kubernetes because of the microservices and serverless functionality in which the applications scale massively and seamlessly. …

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